Jill Elinore - Relationship Astrologer

My purpose here is to provide pathways into self-awareness and understanding of the astrological forces at work that coincide with the experiences and issues we face in relationship. This covers all manner of relationships including those of an intimate, family or business nature. All questions will be answered, from the very specific to the more general by means of a meticulous delineation of you and your partner's natal horoscopic charts.

No issue is too small or too large for scrutiny thanks to the precision of astrology.

I want to explain the "whys" and "whens" by bringing clarity to the reasons for the challenge or issue that is being faced, how long it will last and, crucially, what the outcome will be.

My astrology is grounded in worldly experience: I aim to provide guidance to equip an individual with the courage to make internal and external changes at the optimal time and, most importantly, to be true to oneself by understanding and aligning oneself to the forces at work.

After many years of research, I have discovered for myself the extent to which the study of personal astrology enables us to fully understand and enjoy the path that unfolds over time giving us the foundation for the fullest and most profound experiences our lives have to offer. TIMING is of paramount importance in all of this: understanding its power is the lynchpin of making the right decisions and judgements and putting into action the building blocks our future will rely upon. Opening our minds to this source of wisdom brings untold rewards, quelling our confusion when faced with life's tests and tough decisions.

The process of analysing a chart is very much like putting together a jigsaw. The planets represent defined energies; their sign placements show how these energies are manifested and their house placements show in which areas of life they are apparent or most powerful. The aspects between the planets modify their meanings allowing them to act in combination. These techniques come into their own when examining two individual charts which are studied independently and then in comparison to establish how each individual expresses themselves in the various areas of their life and how, when brought together, they are complemented (or otherwise) as a 'unit'.

An astrological natal chart (horoscope) that expresses the planetary positions and influences at our birth is subject to a continually organic process of change and evolution as the constantly moving planets aspect the positions they were placed on the day of our birth. The natal chart can be viewed as a blueprint of our personality. It's as though the memory of the planetary vibrations experienced as we drew our first breath are housed within us as a basis upon which our future thoughts and actions are given scope to grow. Timing and the prediction of events is a fascinating and easily observable aspect of astrology and allows us to use it as a tool to align ourselves to these pre-determined configurations for our very best advantage.

It is evident as we mature, we change. Sometimes when we look back, we cannot pinpoint when those changes happened, they weren't necessarily conscious but we know that we are not the same people we were. We know this is borne from the experiences we have lived through and how our core personality has effected its own transformation. Embracing astrology gives us the foresight and knowledge of assisting our awareness of this process by experiencing the highs and lows as crucial parts of the whole.